About this website

This website (http://obi-s.com/) is operated by Office Deco (our company). This website is operated for the purpose of widely disseminating our company’s services to society through the Internet.


“obi:s” is a registered trademark.
All content, designs, photographs, logos, and other rights on this website belong to and are used by our company.
You can freely view the text and images on this website but use or reproduction/downloading them without our permission is strictly prohibited.
Using the text or images on this website for any purpose (including reproduction, distribution, modification, public transmission, reuse and transfer) is strictly prohibited without our company’s prior permission.


The contents of the third-party websites linked to or from this website should be managed individually, and our company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by using them.

We handle the operation server of this website with due care, but we do not fully guarantee the safety of the server. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages.

About Links

Links to this website are basically free and do not require contact in advance. However, depending on the content of the website you want to link this website to and the link method, we may ask you to cancel the link.

When you link this website, make sure to link to the top page URL (http://obi-s.com/).

Also, we do not accept links from the following websites.

  • A website containing slanderous and defamatory content about our company services.
  • A website that could compromise privacy or the property of our company or third parties.
  • A website that violates any laws or regulations or infringes public order or morals.
  • Other websites deemed inappropriate by our company

Please note that the contents and URL of this website may be changed without notice.

About Access Logs

This website records the information of visitors in the access log.

The access log includes the domain name and IP address of the visitor who accessed our website, the type of browser the visitor used, and the date and time of the access, but does not include any personal information.

These access logs are used for website management and statistical analysis of the visitor, but are not used for any other purpose.


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